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Building a WordPress Multisite

We have started a project to create a wordpress multisite environment so that we can better manage the sites we create for the council, whether they are traditional microsites (for example,

or core parts of the council’s website (for example,

One possible scenario might be that the councils website is powered

entirely by WordPress, although we are still likely to commission some sites externally, so that might not be the whole site. However we are planning on moving the majority of our site across to wordpress as we go through a huge content review.… Read the rest

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Why reinvent the wheel

As we progress on our content strategy journey, we have started to look at the principles and standards that guide us as we move forward. Continue reading

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Do you get the picture?

In this age of the social web, we are all becoming social reporters. Not only is it important for us all to know how best to communicate with words, but also with pictures. Cameras and photography are now ubiquitous, but how can we help ensure some level of quality in our imagery without focusing (no pun intended) on the technology?

In this article I hope to provide a few tips and examples to highlight how anyone can take better photographs, regardless of what camera they are using. Continue reading

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#DCCSMF – The storify of the day

This is the social story of the #DCCSMF which took place on Friday 13th July 2012 at County Hall. Continue reading

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Revising our Social Media Guidance

Our social media guidance has now been reviewed and updated. Continue reading

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Belated introduction and defining my role

We recently soft-launched this team blog and we all got a bit caught up in the need to start writing what we deemed to be worthwhile articles, just as a starter. However, perhaps our first entries should have been more a bit more introductory and explaining what our roles are in the team. Here I introduce myself, explain where I have come from and where I hope to get within the team. Continue reading

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How old is too old?

There’s a large proportion of elderly people living in Devon and many areas where internet access is, at best, patchy. Our remit in Communications is to make sure we get our information out to all our residents in every possible way, and we should be considering those people who don’t have a computer or live in an area where there’s no internet access. Continue reading

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it’s got a widget

As part of our content strategy we have to deliver and syndicate our content in a number of different ways as well as consume and represent other peoples content. Most good content management systems create RSS feeds, we use WordPress for a number of our sites and RSS feeds are created by default, however sometimes you need or may want to offer more than a simple feed, in this scenario some people offer “widgets”.

I have now been on both sides of this process, as a consumer of feeds and widgets and now as a developer. I have already used other website widgets for example YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps to enhance our News centre website, as well as a school website.  … Read the rest

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The Work Experience experience

Being a year 10 student who is almost sixteen, the prospect of work experience seemed a little dull. My expectations were that I’d be sitting in an office twiddling my thumbs while people got on with doing something very boring. The experience was very different. Continue reading

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A line in the sand

The issue of which browsers to support is not a new one. The debate has been raging for a good couple of years with the glacially slow death of IE6. However, it is still a pretty serious question, especially for the public sector.

In this, my first blog post, I explore our statistics and make some observations about the ongoing issue of browser support on public sector websites. Continue reading

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