The purpose of this blog is to share our progress around supporting the council to transform using digital.

Whilst we recognise that digital is more than simply a website our initial focus will be on the redevelopment and redesign of www.devon.gov.uk. However we will also be sharing updates on Open Data, Service Redesign, Customer Service, Demand Management and Digital inclusion.

We also wish to invite collaboration through discussion and feedback to help us improve in general through step changes. That means not just seeing this team blog as somewhere to release and broadcast information, but as somewhere to listen and to respond to what others are saying.

We also see the blog as a project in itself, where we accept we don’t know the best way of doing things all the time and look to learn from others as often as we can, of course that will be a never-ending process and we hope that you’ll join in the discussion from time to time.

Commenting on this blog is open to all and we encourage feedback, however please check our comments house rules as want to create an environment that is safe for all to participate.

You can contribute your ideas on how we can improve our web presence by posting or submitting a comment on our make a suggestion page.