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Crisis communications and social media

As an organisation we’re pretty comfortable with managing our social media messages during a crisis but, what happens when we have to deal with some of the behaviour that can occur in the social channel? Continue reading

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Social Media – In an emergency collaboration is key

This last few days has seen Devon and the rest of the South West battered by torrential rain and winds of up to 70mph. The county has had to deal with uprooted trees, collapsed bridges and walls and many more incidents that have caused disruption and delay. Continue reading

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Social Media and Devon’s Children’s Centres

Earlier this year our team was approached by our Early Years and Childcare Service/Procurement Team seeking guidance on using social media for Children’s Centres specifically creating Facebook pages/groups for individual centres. I thought it’d be useful to share some of our findings here. Continue reading

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What is the reach of a Tweet?

Our corporate Twitter account (@DevonCC) has been live for over 4 years now, in that time we’ve gained over 8,000 followers (closing in on Lady Gaga) and sent over 4,500 tweets covering a variety of services and issues. Continue reading

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What a difference a day made

This month saw our first ever large scale experiment in the use of Twitter to share public information and improve communications. Continue reading

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Upwardly Mobile

Five years ago today (29 June 2007) the first iPhone was launched. Exactly 200 years earlier during the Russo-Turkish War the Ottoman fleet is destroyed at the Battle of Athos. Whether these two events are connected we’ll never know. Continue reading

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