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Web and Digital Communications Officer, focused on user experience and digital service design. Chief interests are photography and geek culture.

Why WordPress?

For the past couple of years we have been making regular use of Wordpress as a Content Management System. Several people have asked how we decided to use Wordpress and what were the reasons for choosing it over the many other alternatives out there. Here I try to explain the origins of our use of WordPress and why we continue to use it. Continue reading

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Homepage background #4

We launched our new homepage back in March this year and one of the main features was the community-sourced background imagery. The idea is to inspire Devon photographers, of any level, to share their photos into our Proud of Devon Flickr group and periodically we will select a handful to be considered as our site background.

Our previous backgrounds have been “Land next to the sea” by CedricksPhotography, “Oilseed Field” by SJFreeman (me!) and our current photo is “Instow Sunset” by Nick Woodrow.

The time has now come to update our background photo again and rather than make a decision within the team, we want to get some actual feedback from real users.… Read the rest

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Do you get the picture?

In this age of the social web, we are all becoming social reporters. Not only is it important for us all to know how best to communicate with words, but also with pictures. Cameras and photography are now ubiquitous, but how can we help ensure some level of quality in our imagery without focusing (no pun intended) on the technology?

In this article I hope to provide a few tips and examples to highlight how anyone can take better photographs, regardless of what camera they are using. Continue reading

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Belated introduction and defining my role

We recently soft-launched this team blog and we all got a bit caught up in the need to start writing what we deemed to be worthwhile articles, just as a starter. However, perhaps our first entries should have been more a bit more introductory and explaining what our roles are in the team. Here I introduce myself, explain where I have come from and where I hope to get within the team. Continue reading

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A line in the sand

The issue of which browsers to support is not a new one. The debate has been raging for a good couple of years with the glacially slow death of IE6. However, it is still a pretty serious question, especially for the public sector.

In this, my first blog post, I explore our statistics and make some observations about the ongoing issue of browser support on public sector websites. Continue reading

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