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The Last Two Weeks

So, back to full strength (Russ returned last week) and we’re also now benefiting from the new addition of Lore into our team. Continue reading

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What do we do with email?

Email is an interesting channel and is often widely promoted as a choice of communications. On council websites you will see a variety of approaches which essentially trigger emails – individual emails, team emails, forms etc.

As we work on redeveloping the councils website we have started to think more and more about how we manage email on our site and how we make it accessible and usable across all size browsers.

One of the current challenges is that the mailto: attribute doesn’t work if someone uses a web based mail client such as gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail etc and would essentially have to copy and paste the email address into the “to” box.… Read the rest

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Changing Re:WorkDigital

It is often the case that when you start helping others improve things you can often neglect your own stuff.

When we started this site we literally created it before we had pushed forward our standards on responsiveness and implemented the bootstrap multi-site, but our intention was to always move our site into that so we can lead by example.

Well we have finally got around to migrating our site into a new responsive theme and in the process we have created a base template for service blogs which we can deploy quickly from now on…one example being the wordpress.com hosted http://devonlibraries.wordpress.com.… Read the rest

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Faster, faster, faster

In the last few months we’ve made some major steps forward in our approach towards delivering responsive websites. We evaluated a series of responsive frameworks before settling on Twitter Bootstrap and then set about creating our own WordPress multisite framework with it. I think it’s safe to say that everyone in the team can now start to see the advantages of the framework and that general deployment times for sites is starting to decrease. Design and layout constraints are now being overcome and the sites that have been launched so far on new.devon.gov.uk have a fresh and vibrant feel about them and don’t all look the same which was one of the initial concerns when choosing the bootstrap framework.… Read the rest

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Choosing the framework

In my last post, I touched on the importance of responsive layouts in site designs so that all devices can display digital content correctly and improve the end user experience. My research into this ever-expanding web design trend / neccesity has continued over the last month and I’ve had great pleasure in sharing my learning with the rest of the team. All the things I have learnt have recently been put into practice with the creation of a sustainable responsive framework for the beta.devon and new.devon multisites that we are currently in the process of setting up.

We started the project by accessing some of the most popular CSS frameworks that have been released and are available as free downloads on the net.… Read the rest

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Building a WordPress Multisite

We have started a project to create a wordpress multisite environment so that we can better manage the sites we create for the council, whether they are traditional microsites (for example www.devonsendpathfinder.info, www.toughchoices.co.uk)

or core parts of the council’s website (for example www.devonnewscentre.info, www.devonstrategicplan.info).

One possible scenario might be that the councils website is powered

entirely by WordPress, although we are still likely to commission some sites externally, so that might not be the whole site. However we are planning on moving the majority of our site across to wordpress as we go through a huge content review.… Read the rest

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it’s got a widget

As part of our content strategy we have to deliver and syndicate our content in a number of different ways as well as consume and represent other peoples content. Most good content management systems create RSS feeds, we use WordPress for a number of our sites and RSS feeds are created by default, however sometimes you need or may want to offer more than a simple feed, in this scenario some people offer “widgets”.

I have now been on both sides of this process, as a consumer of feeds and widgets and now as a developer. I have already used other website widgets for example YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps to enhance our News centre website, as well as a school website.  … Read the rest

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A new pair of trousers

Picture the scene…. It’s 11.30pm on a Monday night, my PC downstairs has been switched off for a while and I’m tucked up in bed ready to catch some flies. It then suddenly dawns on me that I’ve got a christening to go to at the weekend and ideally, I could do with a new pair of smart but casual black trousers. There won’t be any opportunity for me to get into town to have a look around the shops before the weekend, so online shopping will have to do. I can’t be bothered to wait for my ageing PC to boot up again and I haven’t got the luxury of an iPad so it’s all down to my trusty iPhone with wifi connection again.… Read the rest

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